What is Life about?

Okay my first question! This question is from my best friend. She likes to challenge me with difficult questions which is perfect! Now this question is a very heavy one, and some people may disagree which is okay but here is my take on life. What is life really about? This is a question people ask all the time sometimes they ask it as a joke but sometimes people really can wonder what is life about. Well I’ll tell you! As a Christian I believe life is about living to glorify and honor God. He created us in His image so that we could worship Him and praise Him. Now you may wonder well how am I supposed to do that? We can live for God by doing everything we do for Him and in Him. God is the reason we can do what we can do and He is the reason we are alive. We are made for His purpose so we can go out and make more disciples of God. Life is a gift from God and we should not spend it sulking around all day saying “I hate everyone” or “okay just kill me now” that’s not pleasing to God and it’s also not a very positive attitude to gave towards your self. What you tell yourself your brain listens to and believes it becomes a reality. So even if you are jokingly saying things like oh I’m so stupid or I look ugly over and over again your brain is hearing that and you will start thinking that way for real. This is why some people suggest starting every morning saying three things you are thankful for. God didn’t create us to be miserable and do nothing. He created this entire world for us to go out and explore and to explore those things for Him so that when we see how beautiful the world is we see how beautiful God is. Life is beautiful and we should enjoy it and live it as perfectly as we can. There are so many opportunities in life and you just have to take them! Do as many things as you can and while you are doing them look around you and remind yourself that you are there because we have an amazing God who allows us to be here and wants us to worship Him in everything that we do. Jesus is life he even says in John 14:6 I am the way, the truth and the LIFE. So what is life you ask? Life is Jesus and life is amazing and we should grasp it in our hearts and live it to our best potential for God’s glory.

About my Blog!

Hello! My name is Claire I am 17 years old and love doing spontaneous things! That’s why I’m starting this blog. On this blog I will find questions that are often asked and do my best to research those questions and then write the answers to them on here! It could be a question anywhere from what color should I paint my house to something more serious like what to do in a certain situation. I created this blog not only for people to freely ask questions but for me to grow and learn by researching the question and answering it! So go ahead and ask away! I hope people can enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy writing in it.